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Pretto Physiotherapy is a sports and orthopaedic practice that is holistic, hands-on and patient-orientated where each treatment is tailored according to a patient’s specific presentation and needs. We aim to help our patients regain their optimal function, pain-free by providing treatment and rehabilitation that is tailored to each individual case.

Assessment of patients takes a complete biomechanical approach to identify the underlying issues to ensure we are not just treating a symptom, but rather getting to the actual cause of a problem.  We ensure our patients have a good understanding of what is going on to help them commit to the rehabilitation process in order to gain optimal end results as well as empowering them to be able to manage things going forward so that physiotherapy is ultimately no longer needed.

Pretto Physiotherapy has experience working with athletes in various sports, including runners, cyclists, triathletes, rowers and MMA fighters. We also have experience working with chronic pain patients and adolescents.  We work closely with specialists in various disciplines in the area and are active members of SASMA, making it easy to refer on to other specialists if necessary.

Pretto Physiotherapy supports Germiston Child Welfare as our charity of choice to assist them with the support that they provide to the local community, ensuring vulnerable children are safe and protected while still having access to education to give the future generation a better start in life.

We are also proud members of BNI.

Pretto Physiotherapy submits directly to most medical aids for the convenience of our patients and charges medical aid rates.


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