Comrades – The Final Countdown

Comrades – The Final Countdown


Building up to Comrades, the last few weeks of preparation are extremely important. It’s at this point where tapering down on weekly mileage and intensity comes into play and focusing on recovery is a must. Over doing it just before race day can be a big mistake and jeopardise your race completely – we want avoid injuries like tendinopathies , sprains and soft tissue injuries for example  . Below is a 4 week plan/checklist that you can use as you get closer to race day.


Week 1:

– Training Load: Maintain regular training schedule with focus on long runs and hill work to simulate race conditions.

Recovery: Emphasise rest, hydration, and nutrition. Incorporate foam rolling and stretching sessions.

– Tapering: Reduce overall mileage by 20-30% while maintaining intensity. Begin to taper down long runs.

– Checklist: Ensure race gear is in good condition. Confirm travel and accommodation plans.


Week 2:

– Training Load: Gradually decrease mileage while increasing focus on race-specific intensity workouts.

– Recovery: Prioritize sleep and nutrition. Continue foam rolling and stretching.

– Tapering: Reduce base mileage by 40-50%.

– Checklist: Double-check race day logistics. Review race strategy and pacing.


Week 3:

– Training Load: Further reduce mileage while maintaining intensity with shorter, faster workouts.

– Recovery: Focus on active recovery techniques such as light jogging, yoga, or swimming. Continue to prioritize hydration and nutrition.

– Tapering: Decrease base mileage by 50-60%. Shift focus to mental preparation and visualization. Start moving more towards focusing on running at recovery pace and easing up on speed and hill training from here on. When in doubt, less is more.

– Checklist: Organize race day nutrition plan. Prepare race day bag with essentials.


Week 4 (Race Week):

– Training Load: Very light, easy runs or rest days to keep muscles loose.Everyone is different but even one short light run is enough , rather have fresh legs at the start then tired ones. You want to have fresh legs at the start line.

– Recovery: Prioritize sleep, hydration, and nutrition. Avoid new foods or activities.

– Tapering: Reduce mileage to 70-80% less than regular training volume. Focus on mental preparation and relaxation techniques.

– Checklist: Finalize race day logistics. Pack race bag with all essentials. Rest, relax, and visualize success. Enjoy


Remember, every runner is different, so adjust the plan based on individual needs and goals. It’s crucial to listen to your body and prioritize rest and recovery during this final phase of preparation. Good luck!

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